How to create realistic stone wall?

Good morning,
I often have to render stone walls or stone buildings, as rendering software I mainly use the new version of twinmotion. This programme does not have the possibility, to my knowledge, to use an advanced diplacment and therefore the walls have right angles and few irregularities on the surface, this makes them very ugly and unrealistic.
What could be a process to create an irregular surface to which once the stone wall texure is applied it gives a somewhat more realistic effect?
Would it be possible to model an irregular surface and corners quickly and keep the model light?
I attach some images to be clearer.

thanks in advance


With displacement and texture…

Have you seen this tutorial?

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thx Martin, i will try and let you know. Will this method make the model eavy on big model?

You can convert the following textures into displacements:

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If you want to make some 3d blocks it is possible to make a deformation to mimic stone.

here the deformation is using a noise, then some bump. here I use some Nautilus plugin components.
The advantage of subdivision Catmull & Clark is that you can test your geometry with some low res.

I use this tool to make the rectangles.

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