Detailing Rock Formation?

I am currently working on a facade that has a fake rock formation. I created a surface in Rhino but need to make it look more “rock” like. I was curious on how I could achieve that. Any pointer will be helpful!
Thank you!

Check this link;

Hi @maddiparsons
Using PanelingTools for Rhino (or Grasshopper), you can quickly simulate 3d geometry of rock wall. Here is one workflow that might work (attached is the file). Note that you can also vary color, input list of specific cut stone and populate those, etc.

Texture mapping probably gives you the most flexibility in terms of the renderings.

If you need 3d geometry, did you try PanelingTools? You can randomize the grid (check ptShuffleGrid). You can then offset the grid by variable distance and apply variable stone shape/color as variable modules to the grid. That might be the quickest way to do it. It also lines up with structure nicely (because the back of stone is a nice grid.

PtRockExample.3dm (1.9 MB)


Hi @rajaa
I have been testing out the PanelingTools, similar to the file you uploaded. However, I am running into issues with a more complex surface. I do believe it might be due to the “surface” being a polysurface. Below, I created link to a the file I am currently working on. Any pointers will be helpful!

Hi @corellaman
I did see this discussion previous and try to use it. However, I kept getting errors. My form has slightly changed so I might try it again and see if I can get it to work.
Thank you!

The general approach to find elevation contours is appropriate in this case (basically intersect a stack of horizontal planes with your polysurface to extract the curves then loft them to create one surface). You can then simplify the curves to get good surface/grid.
It is also important to pay attention to modules to help generate convincing pattern.
Let me know if you need a modeling sample.

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Would the only way to make a good surface, is by simplifying the contour lines?
That would be great if you could give me a model example. Anything would help!
Thank you!

You can always use the contour curves themselves to create the base grid. You’l need some reference surface to offset the points (if you need to use a second bounding grid). I’ll put together a sample for you.

Thank you, Rajaa!

See attached sample, and let me know if you have questions. (6.1 MB)