Geometry from image (texture image)

Can Rhino create geometry from image?
Something like stone tile from grayscaled texture image (bump chanel) ?

Mario, check out ApplyDisplacement

I see it, but I need something that can convert this to real geometry!

TDM Solutions have a new version of Rhino Emboss. I have heard good things about this new plug-in for Rhino.

Simply Rhino

need something now.
Basicly what I want to model a stone drywall or stone pavers…something like this:

Anyone has maybe something similiar?

Then use Pascal’s suggestion and then Extract Render Meshes

you can download the second link’s version… then sketchup → rhino via OBJ (as a mesh)

(the site says feel free to use images of the model but asks not to share the model itself… i guess i’ll honor that request)

Will try something!

How hard would be to model this?

This could be a box, then transformed to something more loose shape…

Mario, if you are looking for some highly detailed nooks and crannies in the stones, a sub-d modeler would be better suited than Rhino. If you are stuck with doing this in Rhino I’ll bet there is a plugin somewhere that could pump out shapes like this. Off top of my head I’m thinking of the gemstone and jewelry plugins that are out there perhaps.
Since you need something ‘now’ then yes transforming a rebuilt box or extruded irregular polyline would maybe give something acceptable ( I don’t know how detailed you need the final model). After extruding, explode the polysurf so you can rebuild the individual faces with more points to push and pull.

Maybe something like this could get you closer to more automated solution:
I haven’t tried it yet but maybe there is a setting for making more irregular polyhedra.

I’m still thinking…

While we’re at it, try reposting this in the grasshopper or scripting categories, someone might have something for you there. (And reminder, this topic currently is not assigned a category, always good to assign one to get more eyeballs on it :smile:)

I don’t know why you wouldn’t just use some found mesh models for something like this, but of course I don’t know what your final application is.

HOLD THE PHONE! Try the Heightfield command!!! attached simple test. Go find some cool rock textures on google images, use that to create your front surface. If you don’t need the rockface detail on the back of the stone, trim the heightfield surf with an open polysurf.

heightfield stonefacelow.3dm (375.6 KB)