Making a roof for a tram (train)

i am just try to get a nice roof for this tram but i din,t work maybe somwoene can help me out…!
needed to fit the roof on the tram
tramroof.3dm (2.9 MB)

Can you post a file with the curves you used?

her are the curve’s tramroof2.3dm (2.8 MB)

thanks in advange
greetings Peter

Hi Peter - do you have an image, a photo or something of what that roof looks like ‘for real’?


Looks like this version, with the arc over the front windows


I say this is all developable sheet metal so it should be possible to break it down into pretty simple surfaces.


tomorrow i will sent you the blueprint its verry late here

Difference between your photos and peter1’s curves. The roofs in the photos have sharp corners. The curves show a rounded corner as well as a “section” with curvature… We’ll see what peter1’s drawing looks like when he posts it, but it is very unlikely that a developable surface is possible which fits the curves. The drawing he posts may help with how the physical roof was built, which is the best place to start when planning how to build a digital version. There is also the possibility that peter1 has misinterpreted the drawing, and the original roof had a sharp corner.

Hi Pascal and David …David you are right there is a differences i have misinterpreted the drawing .
I cannot sent you the blueprint because of the copy rights but i made a screen shot however i am still interested to make the roof tramroof2a.3dm (2.8 MB)

and the work in progress -:slight_smile: