Shape help please :(

Could someone please help me on how i could do this shape. Like cut a shape into slices and move the lines only

Have you tried asking Alex through his website? He seems to be quite happy sharing informations on his process.

Hi canoz95,
Here is my version of the shape.
I copied a surface 7 times and moved the points(rows).
I hope that helps.


That is just perfect! Thank youu! I know its asking for too much but would you be able to send me that file if youve saved it, it would be of great help :slight_smile:

Sorry canoz95,
but I will not send you the file. I don´t know who you are and what are you going to do with it.
I just wanted to help.

Im a final year architecture student in Leicester school of architecture and I wanted to play with the openings you have between the shapes, I tried to get a shape along those lines but nothing I done looked anywhere near as accurate as yours, I want to use it for my roof structure as my concept is sound waves and was planing to 3d print this shape. I understand why you wouldn’t want to send me the file and with all honesty if there was a way to credit you, I would do.

But thank you for the help anyways :slight_smile:

Hi canoz95,
I had a very good time at the DeMontfort Uni, so happy Easter.
Send me a picture of the finished project.

shape_help.3dm (612.0 KB)

No way! That is great! Of course I will send you the final project :slight_smile: not long left anyway graduating in 7 weeks.
Thank you for everything and happy easter to you too