Make2d with clipping plane only shows clipping plane intersections

I’m getting a strange behavior when trying to do a Make2d from this view which utilizes a clipping plane

This is the image I am trying to make 2d

This is the result

These are the Make2d Settings

I’ve never had this problem before. So it is very strange to me. Maybe someone knows what’s going on?

Another interesting note is that “showing hidden lines” reveals all the missing geometry. It seems to only be making a 2d of only objects which exist in that exact plane.

Okay, this must be well documented (even if i couldn’t find any exact info on it) because this problem only persists on Rhino8. saving as a Rhino7 file and launching it from there resolves the issue

Can you please post your model?

Its too large to post in here. I’ve attached it as a google drive if that can be used

Hi -

Thanks, I’ve put this on the list → RH-79862 Make2D: Failure example

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