Make 2D doesn't show clipping plane

I’m trying to use clipping planes to make sections, and the views show the model as cut with the clipping plane, but when I use Make2D, the flat image is of the whole model not the cut part

In a test here, the Make2D output is of the clipped object - but the lines that are invisible behind the clipping plane are not put on an ‘invisible’ output layer. Could you post a model?

here’s a screenshot of what’s going on. you can see the perspective and the make 2d is taken from the left viewport, but what’s showing up in the top view is the model left elevation before the clipping plane

It’s very hard to see what’s going on just by looking at that picture - could you post the model?

I’ve tried to make something similar and it looks to be working OK-ish. The Make2D result is from the clipped model - else the result would just be a simple rectangle as there are no openings protruding the front of the box. There are two superfluous lines - colored green for visibility - but other than that, it looks like it works as it should.

I’m suffering the same problem. I’ve used the clipping plane, I can see the cut section in the viewport, select the right viewport to make2D but once its done the flat image is not related to the section, just to the entire model. What can I do? The funny part is that I was able to do it twice and after that, impossible to repeat the result. Can someone help me with this? Thanks. I dont know it the problem comes from the result of changing a mesh into a polysurface. I’ve tried section tools and everything I could but the result is the same. When I used the section command or intersect is coming out but I dont have the lines from behind.
Vicente Lopez CORTES Y PLANTAS.3dm (11.1 MB)

I’ve tried this in the RH6 WIP and it seems to work there. So I suggest that you download the latest WIP and try it there. It’s not perfect there either - clipping planes do not occlude geometry in Make2D - and so you will have to clean up the result manually.


  • Your tolerance is the same as the edges on the front door. You should either change the tolerance or change the units (to e.g. cm).
  • You have manifold edges where the sloping roofs hit the walls above the windows. That should probably be fixed.

That produces a lot of lines that you don’t need so you could throw this into MergeAllFaces. This took a looong time on my machine and also needed some manual cleanup…

Thanks for your suggestion I will try with merge faces. Thanks again.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t for me. When it doesn’t work, what I do is, I make the clipping plane on the view that I wan’t it to work. So If I want a top view, looking at the 2nd floor, first I’ll make a clipping plane on the top view. Then I’ll toggle the clipping plane on the perspective view to the 2nd floor. This should show the section on your top view, but not on the perspective.