Make2D -- showing extra geometry when used with Cplane

Hi guys,

I’ve been struggling with Make2D making correct output in some of my models for some time, and haven’t come to any conclusion – as to when and why it is sometimes rendering extra lines that should be invisible (behind the closed polysurface that’s been cut with Cplane).

I made sure the geometry is not far from 0,0,0 and that there’s no bad objects in the file.

Are there things I should do to better prepare my model when cutting it for Make2d geometry, or something else I should do to get better output when doing Cplane+Make2d for CAD drawings?

(Sometimes, when I copy-and-paste the geometry to a new file, and do the same, the output is perfect, and sometimes it’s the same as in the original file – with extra lines).


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It happens and Mcneal doesn’t put any resources to fix thes issues from Years so you have to do a lot of Manual work or try VisualARQ

Hello- please post an example, or send to with a link back here in your comments.



Here it is.
2021-10-27 - Rab_.3dm (13.6 MB)

Thanks for assessing it.

Hi Harry - as far as I know clipping plane fills are not considered ‘occluding’ in Make2d. (incidentally, ‘CPlane’, in Rhino-speak, is the construction plane)



Yes, the clipping plane, not CPlane – sorry.

Okay, so clipping plane fill is actually just a viewport display property then, Make2D is not making a temporary mathematical (real) surface when taking into account clipping plane intersections? That’s a pitty, since I’m always making sure my geometry is “closed polysurface”, not “open polysurface”.

Do you think that could be considered in future releases?
That would add value to the “meaning” of modelling in closed polysurfaces… as opposed to just having a surface here and there, not worrying about it being neatly closed.

Just my 2 cents.
Thanks for consideration!

Hi Harry - this is indeed on the pile - RH-33007 Support ‘Show Fill’ display option of clipping planes

I’ll add your ‘vote’.



Yes, that’s exactly the option that would fit perfectly.
I’m happy it’s being worked on.

Thank you!

I second that as I often use Make2D for profile, section and plan view drawings. They require an immense amount of work to clean up, though a bit less so in release 7.

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I would just like to underline how big this issue is for all the engineers using Rhino to output technical drawings. I’m using Rhino 300 days a year, and I’m using cliiping plane to make sections 250 days a year. So I’m cleaning my sections 250 times a year.

Please make additional effort for RH-33007

Thank you! :slight_smile:



@pascal definitely needs some urgent attention, please :blush:

Hi -
That item was recently moved from Future to 8.0

Please add my ‘vote’ on this as well