Make 2D clipping plane

Not sure if this has been covered or not but using the clipping plane its showing solid in the view port but the result shows the lines within the clipped areas when there shouldnt be after the make 2D operation. Is this something that will be addressed? I understand this not working on open surfaces but closed solids are still showing the lines beyond the clip plane that shouldnt be there.


Hm - yeah, I see what you mean. A whole other level of sorting for visibility. I’ll add this to the pile. @GregArden - I assume this is just not considered, currently, correct? Strictly speaking the blue lines should be hidden, if I understand the comment from @FilmDesigner


Ref. 4th bullet in this post:

FWIW, I only found this issue (RH-14679) on YT and that is closed - marked as duplicate. I cannot find the duplicate one that is open, though.

@rajaa, I couldn’t find a YT item for this one either and see that it still happens.

Here is the open YT (RH-33007) @GregArden do we have a bug for the second item?