MAKE 2D of clipping plane


I am trying to produce a perspective section using clipping plane but when I do ‘make 2d’ the solids that are cut aren’t filled. It displays the interior of each cut object.
I changed the tolerance of my model to 0,1.

Does anyone know how to fix this, it would save me so much time :slight_smile:

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there is an older topic about this:

you may want to post your file ?

if you want a fast result, you may want to use layouts:

kind regards -tom

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your answer. I can’t upload my file it’s too heavy.

I am not sure if it’s a problem of settings in my rhino or just with make 2d in general.
I don’t use the layout from rhino, I would like to export it in dxf.

This is indeed an old topic.

I personally lost hope that this will ever be resolved one day…

O… Thanks Jeff. So it’s just not implemented yet… I see.
Do you know a way around this problem maybe with other settings or a grasshopper plug-in?

(1) if you just need a fast solution, use layouts - the details will work with clipping planes applied to.

(2) if it is about a section, you can draw a _line and _project it on your surfaces.
than use _orient3Pt to get it back to WorldXY-Plane.

(3) if you even need more info / details, you can copy your geometry and prepare this for the technical drawing, use a planar Surface to trim away all geometry that should be hidden, than use make2d.

Thank you Tom.

In the end I duplicated my model, created a solid and _boleansplit my model. Works better than clipping plane

Not totally sure, but you might want to have a look at the following plugins:

It is actually a shame that Rhino still requires the user to perform a boolean split of the model in order to generate a realistic drawing… If someone from McNeel is listening, please, fix this. This feature has been requested years ago, and is still open, even tagged as major…

Thank you Jeff,

Yes I totally agree!

Hi - I’ve added this thread to the open feature request RH-33007.

Has this been resolved yet?

Would be great to see solids without the interior lines visible…


Hej Morten -

It’s not resolved yet, no, but, as of now, this is on the 8.0 Feature Freeze list. That makes it one of the things that stops us from shipping Rhino 8, and, as such, has high priority.