make2D results are bits of lines when come to edit out unwanted parts

Make2D creates some lines that are unwanted but selecting them sees small bits, many, making up a line one is trying to select and delete.
Editing out the unwanted parts (and I only chose visible lines) will take ages.

Also some edges of surfaces failed to appear yet edge was planar and a continual line on original.


Have you tried the WIP yet? Make2D underwent some significant changes in it


Hi, yes and it crashed.


@GregArden, not sure if you saw this but it looks like a make2d crash in V6 if I’m reading these comments correctly.

Can you consistently reproduce the crash? Next time it crashes please send in the crash report through the dialog box that comes up. Finally I am interested in the problem with many small line segments. Please post an example or send it in to through this website.

Hi Greg,
Opened file again, and able to repeat it, two attempts two fails.

I sent off the error report when it happened, I didnt attach the file as its valuable and confidential so need some written assurance it will not leak out into the world. Then I am happy to submit it.

The file features 3D rivet heads in a circular array and this saw V5 freeze twice when attempting this along with rest of fuselage as a three view make2D. Doing it alone it took 40 secs per view. Its repeated rivets Rhino hates when not as block instances and I had to explode these so as to colour them up.

I can send an example of the bits that form a Make2D line created in V5.

If I send an email to you maybe you can reply to it., then I can send the spinner.

I can do so after I have downloaded and run a sim I purchased a year ago , as it requires Steam online and steam wrecked a flight sim with an update no one expected so I need to be sure it doesnt do so again. I have backed up PC and await the go ahead on steam but cant access emails meanwhile else backup is out of date and cannot be then used to recover pc.


Hi Greg
example of bits on its way, and request for email on spinner