Whats wrong with the make 2d in rhino 6?

It misses some vertical edges on pretty simple models for me. Ive tried adjusting the tolerance and other make 2d settings. The only solution for me is to made 2d in rhino 5. This is super frustrating because the main reason I got 6 is because of the "better and faster " make 2d. Definitely way faster but when it misses lines it totally defeats the purpose of upgrading. Has anyone else had this issue?

https://appsync.biz/abcya/ https://appsync.biz/adam4adam/

Yep, we’ve heard some reports of this - can you post a file that shows an example? That will help get it fixed.

Rhino 5 as its limitations on Make2D as well.
I found that when explode all parts from objects it will result in better accuracy final output.