Make 2-D - Two years later nothing changed!


(Brian James) #2

Hi Debo,

Can you explain a bit more about what you’re getting? Is there also a sample 3dm file you can share to show the issue(s). I think you have some incomplete line work after Make2D but would need to file the sample model in a bug report to hopefully get it fixed. It could be something specific to the actual geometry that we aren’t handling correctly. You can email to my attention as well if the model is confidential.


Maybe this could help?


Yes - it helps. Though, I had to rebuild with the new settings in place - the Make 2-D is faster too. Maybe I have to adjust my template with this lower tolerance - it’s enough for my kind of work. Thanks.

(Brian James) #5

Thanks for showing what you found with tolerance adjustments. I added this info to the bug report filed too. I know development on Make2D continues and this feedback helps define what to work on.


Thank you Brian, I hope it will help:)