Weird artefacts in Make2D?

Hi guys! I’m trying to do a Make2D but on all geometry apart from rectangles I get these strange broken lines and detail lost - does anyone have any idea how to get rid of them? The view looks pretty nice in technical view…

Have realised this may be because I was using meshes which aren’t nurbs… Could anyone tell me which formats to use in Rhino for clean lines please? :frowning:

Hi - clean meshes should also result in clean Make2D lines. Often, meshes can be bad in several ways. Please provide a 3dm file with models that you are having issues with.

File is too big apparently - is there any other way I can send it?

You can upload files to us here:

Make sure to paste the url to this thread in the Comments field.

I tried to upload the file about half an hour ago and the page has been ‘loading’ looking like it’s doing something with ‘Sending request to…’ in the bottom left hand corner - shall I just stay up and wait or is it not working?


This error eventually popped up

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
EntityTooLargeYour proposed upload exceeds the maximum allowed size209715203620971520005E017B4E3ACA4784JEqXurxX4ZPEItxVhciesy4bPueXtbeThR/4UbroPeG8zlLW/zmIY6RvbaFiTcxtIBONrOzLBpY=

Hello - can you export a few objects that look bad to a new file and send or post that?



Done :slight_smile:

Hi Callum - thanks, I’m downloading now…


Thanks Pascal! Could you see why it might have been happening?

Hello - the objects (bags for example) are very complex - if you see stuff like this

well, I realize it is not really nice in a way but compared to the size and file tolerance I don’t know in the near term how much better it can get - Make2d on the entire file brought my machine to its knees and never finished, so I am hesitant to suggest making the file tolerances smaller - but for better detail, I am pretty sure that is what you need.


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Thanks a lot for clearing that up for me!! :smiley: