Make2D improvement coming?

Will there be any improvement in Make2D?

I am finding the same problems that I have had since V5 in the WIP.

Hi -

Can you post a specific example of something that is giving you problems?

Uploaded to web site.

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Vanessa reported this as RH-60615 - Make2D missing lines.

Make2d had a major rewrite for V6. After V6 release significant effort went into fixing bugs and adding missing features. As you know it’s still far from perfect. As I see it these are the key area that need improvement

  • Crashes - I have many reports of a crash that I have problems fixing
  • Performance - I think it could be much faster.
  • Errors in hidden visible calculation, like your example.
  • Support for regions

It seems to me that this is a key component. I would think that many want to make blueprints from their models. I get people emailing me constantly asking me to make a blueprint of that particular model. There are topics in various discussion forums asking me to do the same. :frowning:

That model seems to confuse Make2d in every possible way.

Hi Greg, in case you missed this here’s a link to my recent post on this subject. Make2D continues to dissapoint.

I made a small change to the model and reduced the file size. Now, Make2D hangs when it reaches 32%. It is the same on V6 and V7. I have run it over night without completing.

@abrahamwechter Thanks for the model and feedback. I love fairly simple models that don’t work they are much easier to approach. Although I also like @miano’s starship model for it’s grandness.

I opened a couple bugs
RH-60670 Poor quality Make2d results
RH-60668 Missing Silhouette on revolved surface

Thanks Greg,
In addition to the missing lines I hope you can also address the multiple lines that Make2d ends up generating. Usually I can draw the missing lines in pretty quickly but sorting out the stacks of lines and micro lines can be a real nightmare. Is there some tolerance we can apply to this? For example if 2 lines are within X units of identical for at least Y of their length they will be merged into 1 line for that portion, lines smaller than Z will not be drawn etc… SelDup weeds out some of the trash, then I run SelSmall a few times until I see I am missing something I need, but there still can be quite a job remaining to get a clean drawing.

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I replied to your email to tech John. thanks for sending that in. It looks like Make2D is working in the latest internal v7 so let’s see if you find the same soon too.

I agree!


@abrahamwechter I have attached a detail of the right view of your model. I’ve highlighted some “doubled” lines. If you look closely the double lines are actually a highly eccentric ellipses. The ellipses are projections of circles that are not exactly edge on in the right view. You can see this also in a wireframe view of the Right viewport. The width of the ellipses in the make2d output is greater than the tolerance of .001 so they don’t get collapsed to single lines. I have also included a Make2d run with the tolerance set to .01. The ellipses now get collapsed. However there are other errors.

So I definitely have work to do, however for best results precise modeling is helpful.
one planetary gear (Right Detail).3dm (6.0 MB)


Thanks Greg, this is helpful. Are you changing the accuracy for Make2D here?

Can I change the tolerance for Make2D only without changing the modeling accuracy?

Yeah. You should change it back after Make2d. There is no way to independently set the tolerance for Make2d . This is all a hack not necessarily “best practices”.

I’ve experimented with the tolerance setting tonight. I think it is reasonable to apply a lower tolerance to Make2D than to modeling if that will eliminate some of the trash double lines and short bits. Perhaps that will be part of a solution, but so far I still can’t make anything close to acceptable by adjusting this. So I am truly sorry to report that for me Make2D remains a continuing disappointing failure of a really critical function.