Make2D enhancement wrap up

For Rhino 6 I rewrote Make2D from scratch. The major goals were:

  1. A major speed up
  2. No more tiny segments
  3. Support for meshes.
  4. Hidden/Visible/Duplicate curves correctly classified.
  5. Scene silhouttes
  6. An enhanced dialog Interface
  7. An SDK interface to silhouette generation, hidden line drawing, and the Make2D command.

I think these goals have been met.

There are still a few bugs that I’m working on, but none that will likely get in your way.

Overall Make2D is greatly improved. Please give it a try and tell us what you think.

Greg Arden
Rhino Development


Since no one’s said it yet… THANK YOU! Can’t even describe how much better it works now. This is pretty amazing.

Avg doesn’t permit the intallation of this Rhino WIP.
It founds a generic virus in your file IDP.ALEXA.51 and also in bootstrapper.exe

Could you resolve it?

Thank you

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Thank you very much! The speed improvement is incredible.

I was wondering why you think it might sometimes be missing lines? Or I have noticed that if you run make 2D on the same view it can sometimes miss one set of lines on the first try and a different set on the second try. Perhaps some screenshots would help explain what I mean?

The other thing I wanted to ask was do you think you will introduce a GroupByPolysurface or JoinByPolysurface option similar to the section and contour tools at any point?

I have the same issues with make 2D with missing curves, also on relatively complex but not limited to such models, hidden curves still show up, this is quite frustrating as the task of cleaning up can be tedious to say the least.

Please send a model demonstrating the missing lines issue. The one thing that comes to mind is that Make2D doesnt; compute intersections between objects. So it you have intersecting objects you need to run the intersect command to generate the intersection before you run Make2D.

Make2D Incosistencies

If this helps, here it is, however this is an issue I’ve noticed on a few files, I just opened a random one to show you some of the issues experienced.

I am aware of the need for the intersect command however that isn’t the case here, it is missing quite a few edges that aren’t touching anything. I have found that it is not limited to a particular type of object as this has happened with surfaces, poly-surfaces and curves. It’s almost as if there is something stopping it from running for long enough to capture all the curves.

Also the problem is actually less noticeable than it was a couple of months ago. I noticed that the size of the view port seems to make a difference to which lines are captured.

I tried to organize things a little to help you see where some of the issues are occurring, but by generating multiple Make2D drawings and overlaying on top of one another you can see where the curves aren’t being drawn properly.

Hope this helps.

Dying to try this on my Mac… make2d issues were the primary blocker for me switching to Rhino as a full time production tool to model and then finish in Illustrator.