Idp.alexa.51 in rhinoceros 6 installer


my antivirus software (Free Avast, nothing special) just found a idp.alexa.51 trojan infection in a freshly downloaded installation file (rhino_en-us_6.0.17290.10121.exe) after running it. Scanning the file itself did’t find any threads. What is going on?

Also, I’ve found another user complaining about this 23 days ago…

This happened again when I downloaded rhino_en-us_6.0.17297.09141.exe ??? This doesn’t seem to be totally ok. It’s a different version of the installer and also, nobody here adressed this issue yet… What is going on, please?


This is an old problem, AVG has been flagging my installs forever, just have to override the warning.

Old Thread Here

I’ve never had any follow-up issues, once the install is complete the antivirus has no complaints.

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