Make2D camera positioning


I wanted to set the cameras on the divided curve points instead of the green points, can I ask how can I do it?


I have used this a couple of weeks ago, maybe it suits your needs:

pick curve along which cameras are distributed and set the Camera Target point

set Camera frames in such a way they contain the geometries you want to Make2D

doubleclick Compute

2D projections:
image (18.4 KB)

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Hi @inno,

Thank you very much! This is reli helpful, esp the annotations!

I have a few questions regarding the script, what are the functions of the step counts and domain list?

once again thank you very much!

another question is that is it possible for me to make 2d the rectangular grids as well?

and is it possible to adjust the angle (yellow)?


How do I reduce the size of the rectangular plane? Thankyou!!

you will have to attach your Rhino and GH files to get some specific answers to that

Hi @inno,

Attached please find the files.
The photo shows what happened when I click compute in the first script.(the unwanted extended lines)

Thank you very much fir helping out!!

1.22.22 dim+ floor plan.3dm (1.1 MB) 1.25.21 (32.8 KB)

the main purpose of the definition I posted is to compute several views in Parallel, which means
->set the camera points
->set the target points
->check targets to be contained by the camera Frames
->click the “Compute” button and get all those views generated altogether at once

the MAke2D components takes whatever each camera “see” inside their rectangular Frame, and put that on the World.XY plane: because we are generating multiple views at once, their will all be overlapped:

for this reason there is a series -> pointXYZ -> PlaneXY that generates a serie of XY planes along X axis: this way each view is separated from the others along X axis by the amount you set on the slider

each Camera must have a Target point
you can have the very same single Camera-Target point shared among all the Cameras by changing this wire:

your cameras and target points were at ground level:

I put a slider to move them along Z

these domains set the camera Frame
it’s very useful in case you have a complex scene and you want to be sure of what is inside and outside the view of your Cameras
for this little scene it’s kind of overkill, but I think it’s always good to have all the dynamics at hand

1.25.21 (32.1 KB)

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Hi @inno,

The explanation is reli detailed and clear! Really appreciate your help!

One last quick question when do we need to change the expression of data? And what is that for?

Thank you Inno!

you mean this?

it applies that expression to that input
domain start -> expression -> -x/2
domain end -> expression -> x/2
the domain value will range from ( - SliderValue / 2 ) to ( SliderValue / 2 )

same of doing:

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Understood, thank you so much @inno ! :slight_smile: