Make 2D Component Project geometry somewhere else

Hi All,

I am trying to use Make 2D for some drawing generation but it projects the lines somewhere else rather than projecting on same region like project on plane component. Kindly have a look at the definition and suggest some solutions.

Make 2D (12.7 KB)

It works fine! I changed the views and tested. or did i got the question wrong?

You can see it moved to side. Did you try with Top view? The lines would be far away from input geometry

Ok so it seems it moves projected objects to origin. Ok how do you set camera view to origin so it doesnt move objects after making it 2D

Hi - When I opened your gh definition, made sure I had 4 viewports showing, ran ZoomExtendsAll, and then hit Compute on the Make2D component, the curves were right on the input geometry but the Visible Curves output of that component was empty.

Because I was expecting visible curves as well, I turned on the camera in the Top viewport and made sure that that was above all geometry and then ran the definition once again.

Now, the output was moved slightly to the -X direction of the input geometry.
I’m not sure what you are seeing on your end but it looks like you would want to do some post-processing on the output. You could get the bounding boxes of the input and of the output and, based on this, move the output to where you want it to be.

That seems like an additional task where I need to form bounding box and move it after knowing distance. Cant it form projection there? or is it made that way?

one possible solution would be to define a view inside Rhino, set its location to 0,0,0 and lock it. Then use this view with Make2D component

Viewport Location gh

I had the same problem. The models are far from zero along a track and have been dropped off somewhere. Good idea, I’ll try it out by fixing the window.