Make2d in grasshopper - resulting curves on defined view not in random position wxy ?!


I wonder if there is any way to make make2d in grasshopper work like i would expect.

I define parallel views with as many rectangles as i wish, pick geometry i want to make2d from. the result would be make2d BUT projected onto the planarsurfaces instead of some random position on world xy.

my goal is to make unrolled view on long curved retainning wall and my only chance is to succeed somehow :slight_smile:

any ideas?

this is something i want it to look like but achieved only with projection which is not satisfactory since it doesnot recognize visible or hidden lines …

I think you may want to try using Make2D, then pick up that result and Flow it back to the original curve.

every 7m there is an actual angle change so i need a separate projection plane at every angle change.
i need make2d projections to be just at the projection plane.
next step would be to unroll all the planes with projected curves next to each other -> one continuous unrolled view on curved structure
i know all the steps but cant make make2d curves to stay at projection plane.

flowing would be exactly reverse process

Well, I don’t know, sounds too complicated for my tiny brain…

Maybe take your original object, and in a loop orient it projection plane by projection plane (i.e. at every angle change in the object) to world XY. Then do a Make2D from the Top view - which will get you the projection onto that plane - loop through all the planes and start putting together the projections.

It’s certainly possible to project in place much easier, but the normal project functions do not check for surfaces hidden by others.