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I’m trying to figure out view frustums in a floor plan, can I ask what tools in grasshopper should I be using? Also, do I need a 3D model? or can I just work in 2D?


Can you elaborate on what exactly you mean by “view frustums”? Is it about figuring out what portions of a plan are visible from a specific point?

I wanted to place cameras in the red circled area to test the range I can see on the green panel.

(for example when I’m looking the the green wall from different positions along the red circled wall, how many degrees can I see? At which position the green wall will be the most visible to me?, etc).

I want to have a measurement of the overlapping angles (as shaded).

Hope this helps!

Thank you David!

The best point will be in front of the middle of the screen. It’s a fairly trivial trig problem. You have a line segment which is the horizontal section of the screen, and a point. This gives you a triangle with known edge lengths, so you can use the special triangle trig component to figure out all three angles. No need for the heavy handed Make2D approach at all.

IsoVist Ray (IVRay)


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If you want fix the camera position in the red points you need a vector between red point and the target than create plane from normal and than to camera frame (12.6 KB)

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Thank you so much!!