Grasshopper Make2D does not support points?!

This has to be a bug… How is that Rhino’s make2d supports points but GH’s doesn’t? Isn’t the component using the same method/function/command??

I was hoping to use GH’s Make2D component because it allows to input a tree, where each branch is individually projected, not the entire tree. I am not able to to this via Rhino’s Make2D because it would require me to make x50 individual Make2Ds, as my tree has about 50 branches…

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Rhino and Grasshopper rarely use the same functions collectively. Grasshopper mostly uses Rhinocommon and the Grasshopper API.

It is using the functionality, I must just not be handling points. The component is focused on curves only as I recall. Not sure what it would take to add this functionality, if it’s a lot of work it may not happen for GH1 any more.

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I hate it when you say that :confounded:

Hopefully it can be added without too much work.

David were you able to look into this, so that I know whether to lose hope or not :joy:

I looked into it but it would require the component to be significantly redesigned as currently all outputs are curve parameters. I don’t want to add a bunch more outputs for visible or hidden points. Couldn’t come up with a solution I liked, indecision led to inaction.

I’m not sure this is going to happen for GH1. If you have a suggestion on what the inputs and outputs should look like, I’m all ears.

I understand. Oh well. :sob:

I think that there is no need to differentiate the outputs in curve/points. Make the same output for both. If then you want to separate both you can filter them afterwards, or even before, duplicating the Make2D component.

As a side note, I also think the component should have a Boolean input, to recompute, instead of having the user manually click on the component. This would enable automation of the task.

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