Creating Views with Grasshopper


I am trying to automate the following process:

  • Clipping several groups of breps
  • Positioning a camera orthogonal to the individual clipping planes
  • Make2D of each individual group

The question I have is how to create a view by aligning a camera with a plane. The Make2D component has a view input, but I don´t know how to create a view in Grasshopper…
Does someone know how to do this?

Greetings from Stuttgart,


ok sorry, I think I found it … it was in the M2DParallelView Component

Have a nice day!

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If you want to align camera, you can check the Camera Crane component from Heteroptera
Might be others, but that’s the one I usualy use !


You can use these plugins to control camera, positioning, views.

Oh I forgot this

Thank you for the suggestions… I am now trying to get a grasp of the tool and tried to work with intersection planes. However there is a strange behaviour occurring when moving the (clipping)-plane. When it is moved to some places, the Make2D component just does not work and turns red.
Does someone know the reason for this?

Make2D_test.3dm (164.4 KB) (10.0 KB)