Make2D beyond Rhino 6

Still running along on Rhino 6 for my Make2D needs (pretty much all I use - for technical illustrations from client 3D CAD). Are there any big Make2D developments since then that would warrant an upgrade to v7 or 8? Mostly use on M1 Mac nowadays so I guess the native Apple Silcon v8 would be a decent +1? Any opinions warmly received… Cheers

you will see a massive and I do mean MASSIVE improvement running v8 on a m1 mac.

speed, display, stability… everything way better.

even if I didn’t work here, I’d 100% personally recommend anyone on an M1/M2 mac upgrade to v8 as soon as it launches.

There is a slight improvement on the pc, but it’s a game changer if you use a mac.


Hi Phil -

You didn’t provide any specifics about your workflow so I can only generalize. In Rhino 8, you can produce vector PDF output from 3D models without using Make2D. Other than that, the Make2D command is constantly updated based on user-provided failure cases.

Wait, really? I missed this one. Is there documentation on this?

only what is in the help, which can always be accessed with the F1 key.

Thanks all. I had a trial for v7 (now expired) and Make2D didn’t seem to have changed. I really struggle getting a continuous silhouette. Likley because models are coming in from all sorts of sources/conversions I guess. Anyway - no way to trial v8 BETA so I’ll keep an eye out on here for any news.

Hi Phil -

You’d have to send in those cases from them to be fixed.

Thanks. That would have to shared privately as it is under client NDA…and with me still being on V6?

Hi Phil -

You can always write to for issues that involve private files.

We’d test with a current version and you’d get a “this was fixed along the line” if what you’re seeing can no longer be reproduced.

Hi Phil -

I was able to distill a simple box-like object that shows that behavior.
This is reported as RH-77079 Make2D: Silhouette curve issue

Thanks - Kyle in support sent me back a version of my file that seemed to be the same result as the example I sent - so guessing that means that I’m not going mad?

Hi Phil -

That’s correct, yes. This is something that needs to get fixed.

This seems to keep getting pushed back every point release?

I just did a whole series of 10 of Make2D’s in V8 in the last couple of days with very simple cube-based geometry - all linear edges - and not one of the resulting silhouettes was correct and complete. They were all missing lines and/or had lines where they shouldn’t have.


Glad its not just me! Got the email this week that the special offer pricing for upgrades to v8 is nearing to a close. Was hoping that Make2D / vector output (the only thing I use) was going to make the purchase worthwhile. Its looking like its not, unfortunately. I assumed I was always doing something wrong in v6 for my Make2D but it looks like it has just been broken for a long time.