Make2D in Rhino 6.19.19 for Mac is extremely (insanely) slow

I just upgraded my Rhino 6 for mac, to the lates version and is currently working on a somewhat simple model of a fish. I have simply loftet a skin over a set of poly-lines. Then offset the surface with 25mm. now im trying to make a simple 2D plan view which should have taken 1 min or less, but with the upgraded version i took hours. The previous version of rhino 6 did it in a few seconds or minut… help, what is wrong…

Hi @tk1-

Sorry for the delayed reply. If it’s not too late, can you please provide a sample file where you are experiencing this? Please attach it here so we can attempt to reproduce the slowness on our computers.

Also, posting the results of your _SystemInfo command will help us as well.


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