Point Display Type

It would be very useful if Rhino allows you to change the representation of the points.
For example like in Autocad.


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There are some options for points in the display mode properties

Its not as advanced as Autocad, that I agree. But for me this works fine.

I’m aware of these options, but I think their number should be increased. Also the size value should have relative and absolute options.

I’m a bit confused. Can you elaborate?

The size value we set in rhino varies according to the zoom value. When I zoom out too much, I have difficulty seeing other objects.


But with the option in autocad, we can keep the point size constant. Regardless of our distance to the object, the points remain at a constant size.


Thanks; I understand

More options in point styles I can understand.

But the absolute size I’m not sure how and why you would use thing.
I get then when you zoom out quite far way the it could get a bit cluttered because the points overlap. But I can also see situations that you would lose points because the absolute size is set to tiny (and yes you can always use _selPoint but lets keep it a visualy loose a point)

I’ve seen requests before for point sizes in model distances instead of pixels; particularly for things like point clouds.