Make clusters in current document discoverable in 'Create..'

the only topic I found by search is this three year old, which is similar to what I propose

Anyway, on to the request, I’d like the clusters I have defined in the current document to pop-up in the ‘create…’ dialog just like other components (according to name, possibly input/output names). That way I would not have to search around for a cluster I need to replicate.

For example I had a project, where symbols were drawn according to a given place in length of a road(milestone?). Then that symbol was drawn to the nearest sector (the road was divided to 5 intervals, think rectangular surfaces). Cluster in this case let me arbitrarily change the interval from 5 and still refer to everything by milestone. But this cluster was only relevant in this project, so I’d rather not have it popup in searches done in other documents.

Rhino WIP did not seem to have this feature at least.


Hey Jani,

Could you clarify what you mean by the ‘create…’ dialogue? Perhaps with a screenshot.
I’m guessing this is a key part of your question. Else I would suggest creating user objects from your clusters as they suggested in the other post.

Sure thing, somewhere in the basic search dialog:

If you right-click your cluster and change the name, nickname etc. it should then show up in that search panel with the name you gave it. Shown here on a simple user object I made for a project.


@rahul1 That is exactly how I originally stated I wanted it to work, but I can’t get it to work.

Maybe it only works on actual user objects and not clusters defined only in document? Or maybe I have some setting different? Or am running an older version (1.0.0007) of grasshopper and it works on newer versions?

Oh let the reason be either of the latter ones. More testing to be done on Monday.

Yeah just ran a test and seems like it only searches for components and user objects. If you’ve already made all the changes to the name seems like you’re only a few clicks away from creating the User Object (select component> File >Create User Object…) and it doesn’t require that you restart grasshopper before it shows up in searches!

Awesome, goodluck with it- hope it helps your workflow!

Logged under RH-60037.

RH-60037 is fixed in the latest WIP

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