Cluster to User Object Retain Custom nicknames


I have been searching for an answer for this question online and don’t even know if I am asking the correct question. Anyways, I created a User Object from the Cluster that I created on the left as seen in the picture below. The cluster on the left is the desired one that I created inside of grasshopper and the one on the right is the one that I exported as a user object from the original cluster on the left to my toolbar. How do I get the same names on the user object on the right as I do on the left? They disappear after I create a user object from them.

Hi @younestt,

If I remember correctly, the cluster input descriptions are linked to the different component input descriptions that their relevant Cluster Input, or Cluster Output components are hooked up to.
If your Cluster Input component is for instance connected to a component input, named “G” (“Geometry”), it’s also going to default to that.

One workaround, could be to hard-code your input and output descriptions with geometry type components (Params > Geometry tab) that you rename to the desired descriptions:

The cluster component then automatically defaults to these.

Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 08.14.11

The component title, icon, and category are best defined in the Create UserObject… dialogue (File > Create UserObject). You obviously need to place the user object inside your UserObjects folder afterwards and probably restart Rhino.

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