How to rename Cluster inputs?


I am using Rhino.Inside Revit

I am starting to use Cluster and have question about ?
I generated script and rename input in order to have more clear names on cluster

I then click File and CreatUserObject
I fill all data, add icon. I can see component inside correct group new node but I select new one it does not contain all my modify inputs? how should I modified name and how should I do it correctly?

I tried to rename input name here as well but it does not work…

I appreciate any help

To update a cluster, delete it and save the new version.
To update a cluster parameter, copy/paste it, modify it the copy and delete the original.

… or use my plugin

btw it’s recommended to rename both NickName and Name inside the cluster.


ok will have a go with Pancake and see if can get it working

thanks @gankeyu
strange that Grasshopper natively does not Refresh Names… :frowning:

anyway it works, so I will document steps so might be helpful for other new users…

so the steps are:
1.generate script
2. select and cluster all components you want without inputs and outputs you want to keep outside Cluster
3. edit cluster and adjust input name and description inside Cluster Input
4. save and close and exit the cluster
5. select cluster and then Go to Pancake - Utilities - Cluster Operations - Refresh Names of Inputs
6. select cluster and then go to Files - Create UserObject and fill data including Category and Sub-Category to placed in your plugin

now you have your file generated inside AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\UserObjects as .ghuser file so it contains data like icon, Category etc…


It has confused me a lot when I started using GH as well and still ocasionally gets me.

+1 for making Pancake installed by default in GH. So much useful stuff in there!! (ps: @gankeyu can you add a “disconnect all inputs” to the ctrl-shift context menu for components. that would be so handy! often I copy a component, but dont want all the cables still connected, so an easy way to disconnect all would be nice.)


Here you go! will be in the next release, which should be soon as I just prepared a separated version for Mac.



btw in the following release Pancake will be able to recognize name changes inside cluster automatically, so you won’t need to click the menu manually.


Does any one knows if we can control order of inputs in cluster how this is managed?
can I move run to be the last one?

The vertical order (Y coordinate) on the canvas of the ClusterInputHooks parameters defines the order of the inputs in the cluster.

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thanks a lot!!


Thanks that just made my day after trying to clean up my cluster for days now!

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