Need help in identification of a component in grasshopper

Please tell me how this cluster component can be used. I’m unable to find it. I’ve pointed a red arrow in the screenshot. Kindly bear with me as i’m a newbie to grasshopper

Where did you get the cluster? A cluster is a blank/container object that is available in Grasshopper. It is used to “group” other components within the cluster container. You can create one, (after setting up some group of components that do something, place some cluster input and outputs, then select them all and go to Edit-> Cluster.
To see what’s in your cluster, Right click or double click on it to open the cluster.

This screenshot is taken from a video.

  • send hour long video
  • doesn’t say the time stamp where the screenshot is from
  • :man_facepalming:

Sorry. at 13 mins. 18 secs.

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ah, ok. Without seeing inside the cluster, it’s kind of tough to see what’s going on, but given the name of the video and the your earlier screen shot, I would guess its showing the data tree structure and point numbers. In that video, which I’m guessing is rhino 5, the setup probably looks like this.

But…i don’t think it works in Rhino 6 once you make it a cluster.
EDIT: To clarify, the components work fine, but in Rhino 6, once you select them all and make them a cluster, they do not preview).

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Unlike the video, I’m not getting the full address of each point.

cluster (14.0 KB)

This is showing data tree/path/Branch structure, not to be confused with X Y Z coordinates of point. If your setup is like this, then it is correct:

The points in each line are in a list. That list has a path of {0;0}. Lots of resources available, (one of which you seem to be working through!), on Data Trees. They are a fundamental part of learning GH.
Try grafting the P output of the divide curve component and see how the paths change.