Make 2D > project to front plane


just wondering if there is away to project my Make 2D lines to the front plane, instead of the top plane?

I can obviously work around and rotate the line work, but just thought I would check if there was another setting available to do this?



Not likely, as “2D” is defined as the World Coordinates z=0 plane, i.e. the Top View default construction plane.

An alternative to rotating is select 2D object(s) in top view, RemapCplane, option View, type front.


Would be useful in the general workflow to add a setting for where the Make2D is projected, or perhaps add a step to locate the output? I’d love to hear from other users.
Note that this can be confusing if want to place subsequent Make2D output to a consistent location.

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HI Thanks for the response,

do you know if it is possible to change the world coordinates to be set changed in the settings?



Hi Andrew,

I don’t quite understand what you are asking. The world coordinates cannot be changed, they form the basis of the 3D environment. And as I wrote, “2D” generally is everything with worldZ=0. Hence Make2D creates your view of the 3D model (the current view or a projection on one of the viewport CPlanes) onto the wordldZ=0 plane. @Rajaa is now polling to see if there would be support to add an option for a different target plane, but that would be a future enhancement.

Moving/rotating any CPlane is possible, that would have an influence on the resulting picture when you select that CPlane as the projection plane, but the result will still end up on the 2D plane, i.e. the Top View default CPlane.



I guess my question was more in regard to see if it is possible to change the world coordinates, but now I see that is not possible.

A target plane for Make2D would be a great addition, Thanks, and lets hope it gets some traction!



@pascal what do you think? Feel free to add a feature request if you see fit.

@a.p.haythornthwaite- so, the idea is that whatever the output would be in World Top, it would have the same relationship to the designated plane as to World Top, correct? Just making sure - @rajaa, I wonder how this would/should interact with ‘Register with previous’ … if it respected that setting and the plane changed it might make for some unexpected results.


I have the same concern in relation to registering. Not sure what the expected behavior should be in this case.

If I may ventilate my opinion, I don’t see the point in this. Make2D does what it says, copying a view and present it as a 2D drawing, which you could then export to a typical 2D application or export as a .pdf file.
If you have a specific need to present the 2D view on another plane regularly, you could create a custom CPlane and use RemapCPlane to transpose the 2D image. You could even write a macro for it.


select 2d linework, right viewport, rotate 90 with gumball, personally I’d rather see the time spent on Rhino Mac catching up with the windows side, just my thoughts :slight_smile: