Make2D to the active view instead of Top view

Is it possible to have the results of make2D command appear in the viewport from which it came from rather than Top view?

Hello - the view to draw is set at the top of the Make2D dialog. It should default to the view that is active when object selction is done.

Is that what you mean?


Thanks, but if this View was “Left” for example could you make the drawing appear also in the “Left” view? It is especially useful when you cut your section at an angle.

Ah, no, not that I know of - a way out is to RemapCplane when the output curves are still selected.


Thank you, that worked - and that is really useful. Do you know if you can specify Cplane/View to map from? The way “RemapCplane” command seems to work is that you need to switch viewport to that command first… you know what nevermnid, it’s fine. Thanks again!

Hi Daniel - the soource is always the current view’s cplane, but you can specify a target plane like so:

! _Make2d _Pause _Pause _RemapCPlane _Cplane "Left"


! _Make2d _Pause _Pause _RemapCPlane _Cplane "Front"



Yeah, it’s nitpicking now really, but it would be easier if you could specify source, pick the target from a list rather than typing a name all from the target viewport. I assume it’s just an older command.

Still a big productivity boost - thanks