Make2d using cutting plane


i would like to make 2d from a view using the cutting plane.
In the past i found that the cutting plane is not active in views other than perspective so i would just cut the object in half but this is laborious and also dangerous as layers get unlocked.
Any methods to use cutting plane to create side elevations?
Thanks y’all.


Hi, the views affected by a Clipping plane can be selected in its properties.

From there you can either : choose the clipping plane to be active in front or other side view ; change the perspective viewport to an orthogonal view and align your camera with geometry (or better : define a Cplan and use the command Plan)

Edit : and then run make2D of course !

hey thanks,
i just realised i can make a new clipping plane in the view i use, just line it up with the one created on the perspective view.
ill try your method, its sounds cleaner.


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