Make2D and projected top lines

Hello everyone!
I have created a 3D model of a building and now I want to extract some 2D drawings. I am using the Make2D command and Clipping planes. I want to get a horizontal section and, at the same time, I want the projected top lines (lines that are above the Clipping Plane). Is it possible to make this in one go?
Right now I am doing it in three steps:
1- I get the plan with all the lines that are in between the Clipping plane and my Cplane.
2- I select the clipping plane and check “Flip Direction”, then I change the Top view to Bottom view and I redo the Make2D command. With this I get the projected top lines in a layer called “Hidden - Curves”.
3- I overlap this hidden lines layer with the first drawing.

To make more clear what I am trying to do (I am Spanish), I did an example model. It is the difference of a prism and a pyramid. I cut this resulting solid with a horizontal plane, and I want a 2D drawing with the projected lines (four lines of the top of the pyramid).
This is my solid:

This is the Clipping plane at the desired cutting height:

These are the results of step 1 and step 2, so two drawings:

And here is the final result after overlapping both drawings and changing the line visibility:
paso 3

So, again, is there a way to do this in one step? Or maybe an easier way to do this?
Thank you!

Hello - I think just flipping the clipping plane and using the ‘Regisiter with previous’ setting on the second make2D ought to do it?


This is helpful, thank you Pascal. I wish the Make2D command had an option for projected top lines (as well as it has Hidden lines option).