Make 2D is no working

Hi, make 2d function is not working on my file but was working perfectly yestersday. Does someone know how to fix that ??? :sob:

It just shows this point when I do the Make 2D command, and when I zoom in there is still nothing…

Do you have a clipping plane active in the view? Can you post the file? Thanks

Yess, clipping plane is enabled… but how can I make A 2D with clipping plane on ?

The clipping plane is view dependent, when you select and go into it’s object properties you can set which views it is used in.

I still can’t make a “make 2D” drawing of my model

Can you please attach the 3dm model where Make2D is not behaving? It’s possible there a bug here or potentially just a problem with the file we might be able to find.

(If you cannot share it here, please upload it privately here: Rhino - Upload to Support and, in the comments section of that page please copy and paste the URL to this very Discourse topic here so we know which issue it goes with.)