Make 2D incorrect

when I try to make the Make2d of my drawing the geometry displayed goes crazy… it shows partially the hidden lines (I mean not only it shows some hidden lines, but also the ones shown are ´partial´) and some of the regular ones are missing. I tried also to draw some ´boxes´in the file and the problem persists, so i think it is not a geometry problem. I checked all the output options and still not able to find a solution. Is the file damaged? you can take a look at what I mean in the picture I attached
thank you in advance

Could you post that portion of the file?

sure Wim here it is
forum.3dm (6.7 MB) ,


Your geometry is about 6200 km away from the origin. Move everything to the origin and it will work OK.

Right! I moved the geometry and now works fine.
Thank you Wim