Make2D Issues with geometry in certain view types

I am having issues with Make2D where my geometry is not drawn from specific set viewports, but if I look at it in an arbitrary perspective view, it is drawn.
I have tolerances and units set accordingly for the file.
It seems to be registering all of my clean 3D geometry as hidden, since when I turn on hidden lines my entire object is drawn with hidden lines.
You can see in the uploaded images one set of make2D where it decided to only draw certain lines if hidden lines are off.
In the other you can see that it drew all of my object as hidden lines.
The model is placed near the origin and I’ve checked for non-manifold and bad objects. Everything is a polysurface.

It feels as though I have tried everything to try to understand what is causing the issue.
Would really appreciate any opinions.

Did you ever figure this out?
I can tell from your last image that your tolerance settings are not reasonable. This could be the source of the problem.
Set your Absolute modeling tolerance (in model units), to be 1 order or magnitude tighter than your smallest modeled detail.
For an architectural model in inches, I would guess 0.01" or 0.001" would be about right
For the angle “0” degrees is never appropriate. 1 or 0.1 degrees makes far more sense.

If this doesn’t get you sorted, please post a 3dm file with instructions that illustrate the problem.