Major Issue With Make2D V6 & V7

No, I mean your file tolerance under settings.
This is how I’m opening the dwg

And this is the tolerance for that file

yes that’s the tolerances I have in my template :+1:

I think the problem may be in the DWG and the unit systems you’re assuming.

When i open the DWG and measure the width of the seat, it’s about 0.67 units.
That seems like meters to me.
Opening it as millimeters will scale it way down to where the tiny facets will cause tolerance problems.

yep, there’s definitely something getting crossed with the units and scaling. Saying that, I can rescale to the size I know the piece should be no problem. The issue with freezing Rhino after Make2d seems to lie with the choosing the Import option. I’m sure your coding wizards will work their black magic :+1:.
Even if I use open, and then generate the 2d linework, dragging the geometry is still a little laggy, maybe 1-2 seconds.

So far, I’m not finding any difference between Importing or Opening.

When Importing, if I start using the Small objects - Meters template, then Import and choose Meters, Make2D and Gumball dragging the resulting curves works the same as Opening the file directly.

Our Macs aren’t identical but they are pretty close.
Based on what we discovered relative to object size and units, see if you can figure out more details.

My suspicion is the object was scaled down by 10e-3 (Meters to Millimeters), so the tiny little mesh facets ended up 1000 times smaller and too small relative to the model tolerance.

The tolerance needs to be one order or magnitude smaller than the smallest object detail in the file.


Yep that works a little better if I choose the small/metres template and import the model. Seems to work just like opening. It kinda makes it a bit of a guessing game though, I get files from suppliers online catalogues sometimes, and I don’t recall having this kind of issue importing/opening files like DWG or 3ds etc :thinking:

The underlying issue is most AutoCAD DWG/DXF file do have a declared unit system, but not all. The “decimal” unit in AutoCAD is always unknown.
When the unit system is declared in the file, Rhino uses it.
When it’s a unitless decimal file, it takes some trial and error.

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Still crazy that the resulting linework created from Make2d crippled my machine if I tried to move it :crazy_face::crazy_face:

That is odd.
This is even curves created with Make2D after appropriate scaling?

It’s possible you have a Rhino PLIST problem.
You’ll lose any customizations, but if it were me, I’d try a PLIST reset:

Rhino’s PLIST seems generally pretty fragile.

If I just open its still a bit laggy John, but workable. As for using import, then Make2d that’s not even an option, un workable, just totally freezes my machine

I’m going to need specific, step by step instructions from you to try to repeat this “import then Make2d” issue.
I need to know the precise steps, which commands, and which control you are using.

If we can’t repeat the problem, we can’t find and fix it.