Magic Mouse and Zoom issues

I just updated to the latest Mac release (5.0) and here’s the problem:

-Friday, mouse worked normally, all zoom functions work.
-Monday before I updated. Zoom would work in perspective viewport but not in 2d viewports
-Monday after update: No zoom functions at all when using a magic mouse. For reference, I have a scroll wheel mouse that I usually use, but it has lost function in its laser (meaning I can’t move the cursor) and it scrolls perfectly fine when I tested it.
-I opened preferences and the “enable magic mouse gestures” checked, “scroll with one finger…” is unchecked. There is no change when when i toggle these on/off.

Am I missing something completely obvious? I don’t think it is the magic mouse, the mouse functions fine in all other programs (Vectorworks, safari, etc. etc.)

Any help would be appreciated, otherwise its going to be a long afternoon…

Running a Mac OSX 10.10.2 and Rhino 5.0 WIP 5A751

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Sorry, but I do not have any problems when using a Magic Mouse. If Enable Magic Mouse gestures is checked in Preferences > Mouse > Magic Mouse, the viewports will zoom. If Scroll with one finger to pan and rotate views is also checked, then viewports pan (or rotate) rather than zooming.

the zooming with my magic mouse has also been spotty.