Zooming with a Magic Mouse

Hello there,
I have the same problem as described. I can’t zoom, nothing happens when I scroll the scrollwheel. I have a apple magic mouse. It happend some days ago, all was working fine and the from one moment to the other it stopped working. The scroll wheel works to scroll through menus. It also is not possible to zoom in and out while generating a rectangle for example.
I have tried reinstalling rhino and to set another Zoom factor doesn’t change anything (I have no problem to set another scale factor). I hope you have any idea, its driving me nuts! Thank you very much

I just noticed that the existing entry says “Rhino for Windows” but I work on a mac

I split off your posts into a new topic in Rhino for Mac.

This search turns up a lot:

The general consensus it to Not use it, and get a regular USB wheel mouse for Rhino. I’m using comfortable Jelly Comb mice on two different Macs. They work fine.