Zoom now not possible on Magic Mouse after update

A really annoying problem has occurred since updating to version 2014-01-29 when zooming in and out of a model. I now have to press command and then scroll on the magic mouse whereas before I could just scroll and it would zoom. This really becomes a problem when wanting to scroll and pan (right click) as it sometimes continues to zoom. Its making using Rhino a lot slower. Anybody got any advice how to get round this?

Hi Josh,

I’m not seeing this issue here using OSX 10.9.1. What OSX are you running?

I’m running 10.9.1, its very annoying I have to press command to zoom in whereas previously I could just scroll normally as if in safari etc to zoom into the model.


It sounds like you’re trying to scroll with the gesture of dragging one finger over the center of the mouse which is controlled by this setting in ⌘, > Mouse >Magic Mouse

I can repro the need to hold down ⌘ if this is off and I’m using the secondary/right click.

Is this gesture option checked? If so, does this scroll gesture work elsewhere in OSX like you mentioned?

Its working OK now. I had previously checked ‘Enable Magic Mouse gestures’ but still had to press command.

Cheers for your help!