Mouse Scroll doesn't work after update 5.3.2


i just updated rhino to the latest version, and now by scrolling i can’t zoom anymore, which is very disturbing for work. Already changed the scale-factor to 0.9 but nothing happened.
I’m using the magic mouse, but it worked fine until i updated.
Any ideas anyone?? Desperate!!

Thank you

I can’t help you with that issue, but I will say this, ditch the magic mouse for modelling in Rhino, it really is cumbersome and you won’t work efficient with it thats for sure. I love my Apple products, but for modelling I use a different mouse (my preference is a Razor Chroma) :slight_smile:

In Rhinoceros > Preferences > Mouse > Magic Mouse, make sure “Enable Magic Mouse gestures” is checked.

Thanks, “Enable Magic Mouse gestures” is checked but still doesn’t work :frowning: The Update killed it… what now??

@millezee Until now the magic mouse worked fine for me with rhino… it’s just habituation!

Are you on Sierra or HighSierra?
Because everything works fine for me in 5.3.2 and Magic Mouse… (I’m on MacOS Sierra, btw).

Please post your Rhino information from Rhinoceros > About Rhinoceros > More Info… > Copy to clipboard and put the result in a new post here.