Macro mess inherited from V7 (not fixable in v8)

I have a macro mess that got inherited from V7’s disastrous handling of copying buttons and then modifying the copies. The toolbar you see in the image below was made in V7 by copying a button multiple times, changing the script and editing the color of each in the bitmap editor. It was very easy at the time.

In V7 it already looks like this in the macro editor:

Since I never really went into the macro editor in V7, I never noticed or cared…

Importing this toolbar in V8, I have this:

So now I have all of these Macro XX - Copy XX - Copy names… And, as you can see most of the macro images indicate red, but the actual toolbar button image is a different color. These are all the right mouse button macros… I can’t actually change those (except maybe to just blank them out) as they are still bitmaps. What a major &#*#%#%!!..

In the macro editor in V8 it appears I can actually edit this stuff… Just a long process.
Edit: No, you can’t. The changes don’t survive a Rhino V8 restart.

This post simply as a warning/illustration of what you might find if you decide to import toolbar stuff you created in V7 into V8… FYI.

And, contrary to what I said above, editing of the macros is NOT POSSIBLE. I spoke too soon, I had not closed Rhino and re-opened.

Here’s a sample macro to edit in the Macro manager window:

This is what it looks like when I hit the Edit button.

I change it to this and OK:

The entry has gone from where it was (alphabetized)

The manager now shows my change in the new spot:

Hit OK in the Macro manager to accept the changes.

Open it once again just to check, the changes have stuck.

Close and re-open Rhino - back to the macro manager, find the same entry:

It’s back to the way it was… :exploding_head:

What a gigantic clusterf***.

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@Helvetosaur could you share your Rhino 7 rui file so I can try to repeat this exact set of steps?

this bug is logged at

Hi Steve,

Happy New Year! Hope you were able to get some time off there over the holidays.

I will send you some stuff via PM.

I have been moving right along with this so some of the imported stuff in V8 has already been completely rebuilt natively and the imported toolbars deleted. However I still have the .rui exported from V7, I hope that helps. Otherwise I’ll be happy to send you anything else I have that you think you might need.