Mega macro mess

So, as mentioned in some other posts, the macro library associated with my custom .rui is a mess. Part of this is the result of having ported it over from V7 where it was already messed up due to copying and then modifying buttons which caused mostly unseen havoc in the macro library. The outward manifestation of this was the weird tooltips that would appear when there weren’t supposed to be any. But it goes deeper than that.

Fast forward to V8. I did a lot of work creating new toolbars and buttons which reside in the same custom .rui and which have some custom/modified .svg images. I went into the macro libraries to check something just now and realized it’s much worse than I thought.

For example I have this:

and this:

and this:

and that’s just a small sample. And these are all in the default library. In addition, I generally have one copy of the same in the .rui library, the one that is really associated with the button.

How did they get there?? I surmise in a couple of ways (maybe)…

First, I made a lot of blank buttons, then filled in the commands, tooltips and image. I have a feeling that creating those blank buttons makes a new entry in default. Or maybe not, but I have no idea how they got there otherwise.

The second thing is that while experimenting with colors, line widths etc. when creating my custom .svg’s, I would sometimes make a blank button and then import the image to see what it would look like real-size. If I didn’t like it, I would modify the image externally, re-save it (sometimes under a different name), then import it again on the same button. I might do that 4-5 times or more until satisfied. My feeling is that each time I imported an image on the same button, it created a NEW macro entry in the library.

Anyway, now both my default and custom libraries have these dozens of macros and most of them are unused… How do I purge those without messing up or deleting the ones I doo need to keep?

Pretty perplexing problem…

After following your toolbar saga over the past few weeks, if I were you I would have thrown my entire desk, computer and all, out the window and axed it all to splinters on general principle. I’ve arrested my own experiments with R8 user customization not only because I found it laggy and unintuitive, but because by continuing my efforts I might end up with my time (a fraction of what you’ve lost) tossed into the volcano. What you’ve shown of R8’s UI behavior is disturbing. R7 is whack enough.

But I understand and appreciate why you post so thoroughly and clearly: you must have hope that it will improve and your efforts will not be in vain. In the long run, I think that will come true, and it gives me more reason to take the time to post the little I do now.

For the record if I sound like I’m just talking s*** all the time: Rhino is essential to my work, shockingly affordable, and irreplaceable, so I want to see it and the independent company behind it succeed.

That I can test… checking

I do see some of the mess you describe here from previous tests with extrernal RUI files… I think I can track this down.


Well, my time is not lost really… I consider it part of my my job (as well as my passion) to test stuff and report problems. I give as much detail as possible in the hopes that someone will be able to use that information to track down the problems. Yes, it takes a LOT of time, but if I didn’t have the time and the desire, I wouldn’t do it.

The toolbar stuff is near and dear to me of course, I have been customizing my workspace since like V2. So the current mess is hard for me to deal with. But I figure I’m maybe one of the few people who has enough time to test stuff, and even if it fails, to not have to worry about the loss of my “productivity”.

I’ll be happy to supply you with anything I have here to help… :wave:

Hi Mitch - Thanks - So far, I do not see importing an svg creating a new macro. So far. If you want to send me what you are working with, that would be good. I suspect it might also be overwhelmingly complicated for troubleshooting, but good to have…


I know how to export the .rui, but how do I get the default library? Ah, check that, I can export it as an .rui. Will send by PM in a couple of minutes.