Where is Workspace Editor (toolbars/macro)

Am I missing something? Where can I find this in V8?

Why does clicking on the icon not take you to the icon editor?

Why is none of this editable here?

Why when I update an SVG for one macro, does do all the other macros change?

update one, close macro modal dialog

reopen macro modal dialog and they all change

My god, if you duplicate a button, it ties a single SVG to all of them…even to toolbars in a different file…

You can tell it’s a duplicate because it will have text in parenthesis after the macro name.

I specifically copied a bunch of buttons from Rhino toolbars onto a toolbar in a different file. I wanted to leave Rhino’s toolbars alone and have a single file with all my customizations…but the macros don’t copy over. Now my mirror quad command replaced the icon for mirror everywhere.

Yes, in part some of this already started in V6 and carried over to V7, I also had a habit of copying buttons mainly to have the bitmap copy over, then blanking out the original macros, tooltips etc. and putting in my own.

Led to some interesting consequences though -

Buttons that had LMB/RMB commands and tooltips where I only used the LMB afterwards got spurious tooltips for the RMB - often in German (I run in English but I do have German and French installed), but sometimes in languages I don’t even have installed like Czech or even something Asian…



And I can go in and blank them out and fix everything, but it’s totally useless as every new service release installed brings them back… :exploding_head:

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As mentioned in other thread this is part of this YT: RH-70165 Toolbar: Simplify the editing

That’s clearly a bug, I logged it as RH-73796 Editing a Duplicated button alters it’s ‘parent’
It seems the duplicated button stays a duplicate rather than becoming a new button, It’s not tied to the SVG (I don’t see that here at least)

RH-73796 is fixed in the latest WIP