V8 - no mechanism to copy Macros from one library to another

Macros only exist in one single library - they cannot be copied between libraries. If the library that contains a macro is closed, the macro “no longer exists” and any buttons linked to it disappear. This seems to be at the root of multiple toolbar problems.

So I finally went and looked at Window>Macros to see what was in there and to see if there was a way to have persistent copies of toolbar buttons that don’t disappear when a linked .rui that had the macro is closed.

So, for example from this post:

Here is the macro library from this small .rui:

In the Macro editor window there are four buttons on the right - New, Duplicate, Delete and Edit. In this case I am interested in copying a macro from this library to another one (imported from V7) that is also open:

(you can also see some of the spurious tooltips I have mentioned previously)

So New, Delete and Edit won’t help me here. I had hopes for Duplicate, but unfortunately it only makes a copy within the same library and there is no way to move it to another library.

So basically we’re missing a Copy button which would open the library list and allow you to copy a macro into a different library. The macro has everything you need, image, text/script, tooltip, etc. This would solve a lot of problems - copy a macro from one library to another, make a new button and link it to the copied macro, done. This of course would need to be a TRUE INDEPENDENT COPY, not just another link, otherwise it’s useless.

Wouldn’t Drag and Drop be an even more user friendly way to accomplish the goal? Probably implemented like Windows Explorer/Finder (maybe using their respective OS’s methods) where control keys in conjunction with the mouse drag govern whether the action is a copy or a move? Probably in addition to the Copy button you suggest and a Move button, as they would be more discoverable by the neophyte.

I certainly agree that the current situation as you describe is a serious oversight by the developers . This should have been included long ago in the beta process.

I don’t actually care what the UI mechanism is, as long as you can really copy a macro or toolbar button from one library to another and have it make an independent copy.

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Logged as RH-78592 Copied toolbar buttons are ‘cleared’ when copied from a linked toolbar