Mac Customize Toolbar Option

No option exists to customize the top toolbar when you right-click on it. This is inconsistent with other Mac apps, where a dialog box usually opens and lets you drag and drop buttons onto the toolbar.

what buttons do you want to put up there?
(just curious)

there probably should be Show/Hide Toolbar in that context menu though.

Hi Jeff,
in Sierra this option has been moved to the view manu


usually when that toolbar is hide-able, hiding is also available via the toolbar’s context menu (as well as the View menu)

edit-- well maybe not anymore…
i just checked in order to show an example but alas, no more show/hide option via right-clicking…
so, nevermind… i guess i’d have to submit this request to MacOS devs :wink:

If you ever pull out any of the buttons using cmd and drag, you will lose them from the toolbar, unable to bring them back

i’m not going to try it but if what you’re saying is right then yeah, that is a problem.

ok… couldn’t help myself so i deleted one :slight_smile:

it does come back when opening a new window at least… (but then again, it doesn’t stay gone if that’s what you’re wanting to do).

either way, sure, some weirdness going on up there.

(fwiw, i keep that toolbar hidden… so i’m just talking without having a horse in the race… i’ll quit muddying up the thread now)

It is true, it does return on a new window, but that behaviour is illogical and having to re-customize a workspace every time you open it does not make sense.

I do like hiding it too. My only concern is there is no other way to detect if Grid Snap, Ortho and History are enabled. Additionally, if minified to show the “text only” view, it does not show the state of these buttons.


These missing options has been requested Along with some UI suggestions on this thread: additional users support may help bump up the level of consideration with R4M Dev.

I totally agree. This one is just a bug RH-36631 we need to fix. Just to say that it’s on our radar.

I also want to make some changes to the interface but seems that for now it is not possible.

I want to move the CommanLine from top-left to bottom-right and be able to customize the icons that appears in the toolbar, like it is possible to do in other softwares, like Sketchup.