Stupid toolbar question

Hi all,

somehow I changed the main toolbar to a view toolbar.

I don’t know how I did it, and I don’t know how to get back to the original toolbar.
Must be something very simple, but I need a hint.


hey charles.
that’s a standard osx toolbar which can be seen in most apps that have a toolbar (i.e.- the following isn’t rhino specific-- it works like this in all sorts of applications)

if you right-click on a blank area of the toolbar, you’ll be given options as to what (and what size) will be displayed in the toolbar… or, select ‘Customize Toolbar’ from the context menu and these options will be available at the bottom-left… (and this option also allows you to add/delete icons)

likewise, through the menus, you can go View -> Customize Toolbar

Hi Jeff,

Ah, I wasn’t aware there is a right click in OSX…
I’m not using OSX so much.

Anyway, that was simple.

Thanks for the hint!