Mac command feedback is too slow and distracting

Continuing the discussion from Rhino 8 BETA feedback:

Currently the only way to suppress that is to make sure the CommandHistory panel is open

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But what if I’d like to keep Rhino to behave like v7, where the information are shown instantly with 0 delay?
The pop-up is not terrible, but I’ll live with it.
The problem is its animation, and the time it takes to have its content displayed, which is pretty annoying.
Why can’t it just pop-up and show all the information instantly, instead of doing its slow ‘scrolling’ thing?

I cannot see the point of having this little thing going slowly up and down all the time.
Why not a 0-delay pop-up?

I don’t know if it’s clear – please excuse me for my poor english.


@Gijs this is an exemple

Rhino v7 (fast, responsive, less annoying and distracting)

vs Rhino v8 animated pop-up (slow, weird and distracting, always slowly popping up and down…)


I’m not disagreeing with you:
RH-77197 Mac command feedback is too slow and distracting

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