Anemone-Grasshopper Crashes Rhino

Anemone plugin crashes Rhino when added to the Libraries (components) folder.

When I delete it from the folder, Grasshopper loads fully (with errors) and Rhino does not crash.

I need to use Anemone. Is there a solution for this?

You cannot simply assume that plug-ins developed for Grasshopper for Windows will work on the mac. Some may - but this is very early days in the mac grasshopper ecosystem. I am afraid you are most likely out of luck!

What are you looping? The upcoming wip has c#, vb, or python scripting components that could suit your needs.

Hi Is there any way to use Anemone function in mac WIP. I tried many times but wasn’t work. I really really need it but I haven’t try any scripting c#, vb, or python yet. It would be very appreciate if you guys help me out.

Hi Everyone,

I had the same problem. I installed Anemone on GH for Rhino mac. Now GH is crashing when i try to launch it.

Does someone know how to erase the anemone from my desktop? I don’t want to loose all my component library because of this, and when i make a research in my toolbar i can’t find it…

Thank you,


Just in case someone else is having the same issue, please see this topic.